John Marshall students are shown helping to celebrate the October 1933 grand opening of the State Theatre in Downtown Richmond, only a couple of blocks from the school.  Very reconizable of course are the JM Cadets but looking closely at the girls, you can pick out some members of the "Duckie Club" (identified by the D monogram on their sweaters), and some members of the "Bootsie Club" (identified by their long scarfs).  The year 1934 would become the last year for social clubs at JM.

The John Marshall High School Cadet Corps is shown in 1918, marching down Broad Street and through Capitol Square in the WW1 Liberty Loan Bond Drive Parade, held in Richmond Virginia.  This is the oldest known video of the John Marshall High School Cadet Corps  known to exist.  The Corps was formed in 1915.  Also noted are the Confederate Veterans shaking their canes in acknowledgement as the Cadets pass their location later into the video.

The John Marshall High School Cadet Corps, Richmond Virginia, is shown marching in the 1932 parade celebrating the Dedication of The Carillon, a WW1 Memorial located in Byrd Park.  Time notation is at 4:09:14 when the JM Cadets march by.  Also noted are the Richmond Blues and the VMI cadets marching in the parade.

 The John Marshall High School Cadet Corps lines the driveway leading to the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond.  General Eisenhower escorts Churchill in Richmond where Churchill addressed the Virginia Legislature March 14, 1946.  On to Williamsburg, both men were greeted with great fanfare!

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